How to use Core Control

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Below some commands that help you with Core Control once it is installed.

Core process control

  • ccontrol stop relay --> Stop the relay process.
  • ccontrol start relay --> Start the relay process.
  • ccontrol restart relay --> restart the relay process.
  • ccontrol stop forger --> Stop the forger process.
  • ccontrol start forger --> Start the forger process.
  • ccontrol restart forger --> restart the forger process.

Core status and logging

  • ccontrol logs relay --> Shows the status of the synchronization with the blockchain.
  • ccontrol status --> Shows core version and the status of the relay and the forger.
  • ccontrol system info --> Shows information about cpu and memory usage and some other extra info.

Core snapshots and updates

  • ccontrol update check --> check if your Core is up to date.
  • ccontrol snapshot create --> Create a snapshot of your local copy of the blockchain.
  • ccontrol system update --> updates your server when there are updates available.

Core uninstall / reset

  • ccontrol config reset --> Reset all configuration files back to their defaults