Unblock VMWare

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When running VMWare Fusion 10 on OS X you might run into an error when starting a virtual machine: Can not connect to peer processes.

On the internet you will read to go to "system preferences", "Security & Privacy", make sure the tab "General" is selected. There you will find a message telling you: "System software from developer "VMware, Inc." was blocked from loading." with an allow-button behind it.

You might run into the problem that you can't click this button in any way. To get around this issue do the following:

  • Press CTRL-SHIFT-4 --> this will get you in screenshot mode.
  • Don't make a screenshot, just take note of the coordinates of the mouse cursor when you place it somewhere on the allow-button.
  • Open Script Editor from the Utilities.
  • paste this syntax: tell application "System Events" to click at {x, y } --> replace x, y with the coordinates you wrote down from the previous step.
  • Run the script

And done! The unclickable button is clicked and the necessary change to allow VM's to run is applied.