Installing the Qredit core on Ubuntu18.04

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These step by step instructions successfully install the Qredit Core successfully on Ubuntu 18.04:

Installing the Ubuntu 18.04 server

  • Do a clean install of Ubuntu 18.04 on a VM
  • make the installation as clean as possible, don't install any options unless you really need them.
  • sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y --> Make sure everything is up-to-date

Not going to explain the installation of Ubuntu 18.04 here step by step.

Adding a user for the Qredit Core

  • sudo adduser qredit --> create the user
  • sudo usermod -aG sudo qredit --> add the user to the sudo users

Completely disabled root access and switch to the new account

  • sudo passwd -l root --> root can't login anymore
  • su - qredit --> login as the new qredit user

Download core-control and start the installation

  • git clone --> clone the GitHub repository
  • cd core-control --> move into the directory
  • ./ install core --> start the installation
  • sudo reboot --> restart the system after installation
  • su - qredit --> login as the qredit user again after the reboot

Starting the core relay

  • ccontrol start relay --> start the relay, this will start syncing with the chain
  • ccontrol logs relay --> here you can see the progress of the synchronization

Go on when the chain is fully in sync.

Snapshot, secret and start forging

  • ccontrol snapshot create --> start the relay, this will start syncing with the chain
  • ccontrol secret set 12-word-passphrase of the forging wallet (space between each 2 words) --> make sure the forging process can access the wallet
  • ccontrol start forger --> this command will start the forger. If all is set right and you're in the top 51 of the delegates you're forging XQR from this point.
  • ccontrol logs forger --> here you will see information about the forger and forged blocks